As one of the most innovative adhesive and sealant suppliers to the Transportation industry, Uniseal is focused on developing products that provide an advantage to your business. Our custom formulations are fine-tuned with your goals in mind. Our products serve the Automotive, Heavy Truck & Trailer industry segments.


Our Transportation industry products include:


Though Automotive and Heavy Truck manufacturing share many processes, the products used in each industry segment can be very different. Uniseal understands the differences in these requirements and has products that fit your needs. As a result, we are a leading supplier in these industries. Likewise, Trailer fabrication has its own challenges. New directives in weight reduction, improved gas mileage, and increased durability present opportunities to revolutionize the industry. Uniseal adhesives and sealants provide a platform to accomplish this difficult mission. Our trailer fabrication products provide outstanding bond strength while providing significant fatigue resistance. We are experts at roof bow and sidewall adhesives. Follow the links above to learn more.

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