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Asking Questions: The Heart of Leadership

Leaders do many things right and embody many high character qualities.  But one habit may stand above all others as the quality that drives success: Asking questions – lots and lots of questions.  How does this help, you might ask?  Doesn’t it just make you look ignorant to the challenges of the 21st century business?

It’s not just asking questions that does it.  “Where’s the water fountain?” doesn’t inspire or improve anyone.  But, carefully considered questions delivered at the right time and with the right tone can make a huge difference.  It can build confidence, encourage creativity that leads to innovation, uncover incorrect assumptions, or have any number of other positive outcomes.  Today’s team members don’t want to be told what to do or how to solve a problem.  However, when a solution eludes them and they need a nudge, it is the perfect time to ask a question – putting the focus on them – and allow them to succeed on their own terms.  This is the heart of guidance.  Providing readily canned answers only creates dependence.  Prodding the discussion with well timed, engaging questions creates independence, improves confidence, and ultimately lays the foundation for success.

To read more about this topic, check out the article by Nadia Goodman at the following web address:


Manufacturing Performance – Anti-Flutter Adhesives for Automotive

Anti-Flutter Adhesives are an integral part of the manufacturing of any modern era vehicle.  These products reduce noise and vibration, improving the quality and ride of the vehicle.  Uniseal has long been a supplier of these products to the Automotive body shops.  In a recent article published by the Adhesive and Sealants Council (ASC), Anti-Flutter products are in the spotlight.  The article does a good job explaining the products, their application, and performance improvement.  Check it out!

If you would like more information about Anti-Flutter Adhesives, visit the Anti-Flutter Materials page at:  You can check out the information and view an informative video that shows how the products are used and how they get applied to the vehicle.



Hem Flange Bonding – Part 2 of ASC article published

The Adhesives and Sealants Council posted a follow up to their initial article about Hem Flange Bonding.  It has more great information about the bonding of doors, hoods, trunks and other parts of your car you didn’t even know existed!  Check it out:



Hem Flange Bonding

Hem flange bonding is an important part of the construction of a vehicle, providing safety and preventing corrosion and other longevity issues. The Adhesives & Sealants Council has begun a very informative series on Hem Flange bonding on its website.  It can be viewed at:

We would highly recommend following this series if you are interested in this unique and powerful application.  Then, head over to our Products page for more information on Uniseal hem flange products. Uniseal Hem Flange adhesives are at the forefront in industry innovation for this application and can provide outstanding benefits in the body shop.