Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions

Uniseal develops products that are not only adhesives, but solutions to industry challenges. In many cases, these challenges are long standing obstacles to attaining industry goals and objectives. Our products serve specific purposes for each of the customers that use them, improving quality and efficiency while providing cost benefit.

Uniseal serves multiple markets, but our products can generally be broken down into four main industries:

Within each of these industries, Uniseal is at the forefront of product Innovation.  And, while each industry is different, our purpose to overcome product and industry challenges remains consistent.

In the Transportation industry, we serve the Automotive, Heavy Truck, and Trailer markets with a variety of adhesive technologies. These include structural adhesives, various sealant technologies, and anti-vibration, noise, and harshness products. Our success in this industry goes back over a half century, and we’re developing product for the next century today.

Uniseal provides structural and weld through adhesives as well as standard and expandable sealants to the Agricultural and Heavy Equipment industries. We understand that your business requires unique and highly durable products and we’ve developed some of the best.

In addition to these very specific markets, Uniseal is active in many General Industrial applications. If it needs to be bonded, Uniseal can do it. Follow the link to Submit your unique Project.