Future Innovations

Future Innovations

Relying on the innovations of today cannot sustain success in any company. Uniseal is consistently investing in new Capabilities, talent and programs to help foster tomorrow’s products. Innovation must be viewed as a continual process of renewal, helping the company meet the evolving needs of the manufacturers and industries of both today, and the future. Incredibly, product improvement has accelerated to the point of revolution where evolution once existed. And the pace of innovation continues to accelerate.

Uniseal is actively developing new, breakthrough products that will continue to change the way adhesives are used. Continued research into weight reduction in various industries is leading to products that:

  • Are compatible with low density materials and substrates
  • Are themselves light weight, and low density
  • Are energy-conservative
  • Are able to bond substrates where mechanical fasters have traditionally been required
  • Will allow for multiple interfaces and substrate bonding

While all of these initiatives are important in their own right, they cannot overshadow the larger-picture goals that we all share:

Protecting the Environment: Uniseal supplies low to zero VOC adhesives and sealants. No greenhouse gases, pollutants, or otherwise harmful volatiles. We also avoid heavy metals and other harmful products.

Sustainability: Uniseal is actively pursuing sustainability as a way of supplementing our environmental initiatives as well as improving supply chain bottlenecks, minimizing the impact on the environment. In 2011, we introduced a plant based line of potting compounds for solar panel junction boxes. This technology maintains outstanding performance while providing stable sources of raw materials, which in turn lowers material costs.

Uniseal is excited about the future of adhesives. In fact, we look forward to advancing the technologies beyond what we think is possible today. Like the original Uniseal founders, we expect to be at the forefront of the technology revolution.