Uniseal’s commitment to the environment involves every team member of the company. Uniseal is an ISO14001 certified facility and utilizes the latest technologies to implement environmental strategies that result in reduction of waste, conservation of energy, and many other benefits for the company, its team members, and the local community. Follow the link to view our Environmental Policy. As a part of our annual business goals, Uniseal tracks, evaluates, and advances efforts in the following areas:

  • Energy use including electricity and natural gas
  • Emissions
  • Hazardous waste
  • Non-hazardous (solid) waste
  • Recycling programs for batteries, electronics, paper and plastic products, aluminum and other metals.

Partners for Pollution PreventionUniseal collaborates closely with partners, regulatory agencies, and the local community in order to implement strategies to meet and exceed environmental goals. We are very involved with State and local efforts for Pollution Prevention and are recognized as an Indiana Partner for Pollution Prevention and pursue measurable reductions in pollution in Indiana. The program aids Indiana in the pursuit of measureable reductions in pollution, making the region an outstanding place to live and work.

Indiana Environmental Stewardship ProgramUniseal is also active in the Indiana Environmental Stewardship program. Through our continued efforts, Uniseal is a multiple winner of the Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence and the Chamber of Commerce of Southwest Indiana Environmental Excellence Award. Our partnerships with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have been a tremendous benefit to the company, its employees and the local community.

Uniseal’s commitment to environmental preservation goes well beyond waste reduction and preservation efforts. By taking a holistic approach to environmental initiatives, we are able to affect the entire supply chain of products that we are a part of. For example, Uniseal low density structural adhesives contain no harmful chemicals, are manufactured using green practices, and can be used to produce lighter weigh vehicles, which are more efficient (require less or no gasoline) and in turn reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conserve environmental resources, and lessen our dependence on fossil fuels. We believe these strategies are simply better business.  Follow the link to view our product portfolio to learn more.

As a global supplier of adhesive solutions, Uniseal is committed to achieving global standards for environmental compliance.  To meet those goals, we have undertaken a significant effort in achieving REACH and Globally Harmonized System (GHS) requirements.  Uniseal will work with local and international bodies in order to conform to these important initiatives.  To learn more about REACH and GHS, follow the links below.  Finally, we are committed to using non-conflict materials in our products.  Follow the link below to view our Conflict Materials Compliance Statement.

REACH  - Registration, Evaluating, Authorisation, and Restriction of Chemicals

GHS – Globally Harmonized System

Conflict Materials Compliance Statement

Uniseal ISO 14000 Certificate of Registration