Uniseal is a company founded on innovation and driven by pioneering, action oriented team members who are invested in the company’s success. Our employees operate in every region of the world, from those stationed locally, to those traveling nationally and internationally. We strongly believe that our team members are our most valuable asset and provide the key to our success. Without a thriving employee base, Uniseal would not be the outstanding company that it is today.

Our team is led by a management group who seeks to minimize bureaucracy and maximize efficiency and Quality while infusing the company with a unique culture of continuously accomplishing groundbreaking objectives. This is true within each functional discipline of the company, from the development of groundbreaking new chemistries and products to zero defects and perfect on time delivery and customer satisfaction ratings. We believe that if you challenge your team, and provide the tools to accomplish great things, they will exceed your expectations. Our team members are empowered to make their own decisions and drive innovation and improvement throughout the organization. We jointly celebrate successes and learn from mistakes to eliminate future errors. Everyone is engaged and accountable and together, we win.

These efforts have developed a culture of teamwork at Uniseal that is our basis for success. Through cross-functional team efforts we are able to capitalize on our diversity by being open minded and idea hungry. With Six Sigma quality initiatives, customer launch teams, process improvement and 7S initiatives, and a focus on Safety, our teams have dramatically changed the way we operate over the years. In addition, employees and teams participate in social events including Race for the Cure, Relay for Life™, and other outreach programs. As a direct result of our employees and teams, Uniseal is stronger, faster, and better as both a corporation and a corporate citizen.

Uniseal is committed to helping our employees maximize their potential and reach their goals, both personally and professionally. We provide an extensive list of benefits.

Uniseal is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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