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Talented team members are a key ingredient to success, but providing those team members with the proper tools and facilities is critical to goal attainment. Uniseal consistently invests in its facilities and equipment to maintain state of the art environment for both Research & Development as well as Operations.

Research and Development requires consistent attainment of new equipment to maintain a leading edge position in research and testing practices. Uniseal is committed to doing as much adhesives and sealants testing in house as is economically possible. This means that we own and operate nearly all of the equipment that is specified in approval documentation, regardless of the industry, geographic origins or OEM. Click here to view a list of some of our research and test equipment.

High quality facilities and equipment are essential to maintaining exceptional performance in Operations as well. From state of the art mixers, tank systems, and extrusion lines to quality assurance test equipment, advanced functionality and consistent operation are a prerequisite. Uniseal mixers are custom designed, engineered to tight tolerances, and equipped with customized monitoring and notification systems. This ensures the consistent high quality of our products while minimizing waste and lowering cost.

It is the combination of this equipment and our team members that allows Uniseal to execute from design through manufacturing. Our Development process includes close monitoring of product development, specification testing, sampling, scale up and ultimately, production yields. The use of our research, test, and manufacturing capabilities is critical to our success.