Agricultural & Heavy Equipment

Agricultural & Heavy Equipment

Uniseal Agricultural and Heavy Equipment adhesives are tough. Our proprietary toughening technologies provide high bond strength along with exceptional durability and fatigue resistance. Agricultural Implements and Heavy Equipment are made to withstand the harshest conditions and perform some of the most difficult tasks in the world. Our adhesives are formulated to do the same. Our performance at very low temperatures (-40oC) is unparalleled. Whatever the application, we’ve got a product for you. And if you have a unique challenge to overcome, we’d love to help by developing a custom product that fits your specific needs. Simply click the Submit a Project link and let us know what you need!

Our most recent innovations include:

  • Super-Toughened Epoxy Structural Adhesives
  • High Strength Powder Coating Capable Adhesive/Sealant
  • Multi-Surface, Highly Flexible, Quick Set Acrylic Adhesive

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